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  • How does ClubKviar work?

    ClubKviar helps high-end restaurants by filling their empty tables. Whether it’s a slow weeknight or a last minute cancelation, even the best restaurants have excess capacity. ClubKviar helps you discover the best restaurants at the best price. We pride ourselves on providing a discreet, seamless experience, which is why our reservation process couldn’t be any simpler.

    1. Choose the restaurant you would like visit 
    2. Reserve online or by calling your PA
    3. When you arrive at the restaurant simply say the name you made the reservation under.  No coupons, no cards, no secret codes.
    4. Enjoy your meal at the restaurant and receive up to 30% off the final bill (drinks included)
  • How much does membership cost and how do I become a member?

    If you don’t have an invitation you can apply for membership and go through our member screening process.  To do so, you must login with LinkedIn or fill out the application form. Our new member approval committee will review your application and get back to you in about a week to let you know your status.

     Given that we strive to maintain a high quality member base, if you don’t have an invite you can get immediate access by paying 400 euros/year for membership.

  • How do I get the discount? Do I need to print out my confirmation or some kind of coupon?

    To redeem the discount simply turn up at the restaurant at the time of the reservation making sure you present yourself with the name you made the reservation under and enjoy your meal.

  • How much do I pay to make a reservation?

    If you are a Gold member, reservations are free for life. Non-gold members pay a €5 fee for each reservation. 

  • How do I become a Gold member and what benefits does it give me?

    Becoming a Gold member will give you free reservations for life and also the VIP service of a Personal Assistant. You can call your Personal Assistant to make reservations, for advice on new restaurants to try and if you travel, they will be in charge of your global bookings (we currently operate in Barcelona, Madrid and Paris).

  •  How do I contact my Personal Assistant?

    Once you become a Gold member your Personal Assistant will call you within a few days explaining the service and proving you with their contact details.

  • Am I able to change an existing reservation?

    Absolutely. You can change your reservation by calling us on +34 91 369 48 92 or sending an email to reservas@clubkviar.com up to 30 minutes before your reservation time.

  • If something comes up, can I cancel my reservation?

    Of course. You can cancel from inside your account or call/email us on +34 91 369 48 92 or reservas@clubkviar.com with a limit of 1 hour before the reseravtion time.

  • Why is my account going to expire?

    We have a long waiting list of people who would like to join our club so it’s important for us to have an active community of members. We give our members 30 days to make their first reservation, 90 days to make their second reservation and then following that members are accepted for life.

  • Why do such popular restaurants choose to work with ClubKviar?

    Clubkviar helps high-end restaurants by filling their empty tables. Whether it’s a slow weeknight or a last minute cancelation, even the best restaurants have excess capacity.  

    It’s not easy for high-end restaurants to reach their target market. In Clubkviar we carefully select our members to ensure they fit in line with our restaurant partners clientele.

    Finally, we pride ourselves on providing a totally discreet, seamless experience. No coupons, cards or passwords mean that only our restaurant partners and you, as a member, are aware of the privileged pricing being offered.

  • Do all restaurants have a discount?

    Most restaurants offer a 30% discount on the final bill except for a few, in this case it will always be indicated during the reservation process when you select the time of the booking.

  • What is the advantage of restaurants with no discount?

    Reservations for restaurants with no discount have immediate confirmation through the website or the app which makes life easier for you.  You can also enjoy a selection of Michelin star restaurants and the top spots to eat in your city. And as always you will have your own personal assistant service, invitations to private events, VIP tables and more.

  • Do I have to be a Gold member to view the category Starred restaurants?

    Yes, you must become a Gold member. The good news is that it's as easy as sending six invitations to your friends so you can build your foodie network. "



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